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Periodic Table of the Bible in Spanish

A couple years ago I created an infographic with Tim Challies that depicted the all the books of the Bible in the style of the periodic table. It was very well received but I had a number of people asking if there was a Spanish version.

I'm very happy to release the graphic and the story that accompanies its translation.

Click on the image to view and download the high resolution version.

Prints are also available for purchase.

I was contacted some months ago by Derrek Wilson who was part of team working with some missionaries near Panama City. They had a need for some good biblical teaching resources and wanted to use some of my graphics. Generously, they offered to translate them into Spanish and then allowed me to repost them for download.

Derrek and his team worked with David and Lisa Carter who are serving as full-time missionaries in El Valle. David and Lisa have been trying to establish a good reputation with the school and the community of Loma Grande to reach the people there.  

The team spent 3 days working with them and conducted a "VBS" at the elementary school with skits about the Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Good Samaritan, and Jesus Walking on the Water along with crafts, snacks, and activities using some of the translated graphics.

According to Derrek, the Loma Grande Elementary school in the mountains outside of El Valle. El Valle is a small town of about 8,000, 2 1/2 hours west of Panama City.  Loma Grande is a remote community only accessible in a 4 wheel drive truck or by foot.  The school has no electricity and relies on the parents to prepare lunches for the students each day (usually rice and beans).  The director, Señor José Charles, and the 4 teachers are assigned to the school by the Panamanian government and spend weeks at a time away from their families.  There are about 90 children K-6th grade that attend here.

This is the reason I create these graphics. To see them being used to teach kids about the Bible in a different part of the world is amazing.

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